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Clay is a successful business owner and former member of the Georgia House of Representatives. As a state representative, Clay served on the Banks and Banking Committee, Chaired the Human Relations Committee and served as Chief Deputy Majority Whip. For the past five years, Clay has served as a board member of Georgia’s Department of Community Health.


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Protect the Unborn

All human life is worthy of the protection of our state laws. We must protect the lives of the unborn.

Fight Illegal Immigration

Just as I did during my previous service in the House, I will lead the fight to stop illegal immigration and keep taxpayer money from subsidizing it.

Defend the 2nd Amendment

I'll continue to fight to protect the gun rights of all law-abiding Georgians.

Cut Taxes and Spending

Our state legislature must prioritize cutting taxes and lowering our rate of spending. Surpluses should be sent back to the people -- not used as a method to add significantly to the budget!